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Space Exploration playset


Product Information

A really comprehensive playset containing some great plastic play models, plus a couple of die cast vehicles including a rocket transportation truck and a mission control van.

Includes two shuttles, one on its launch rockets, the other on the Boeing 747 Shuttle transport plane.  Also included are models of NASA's Skylab space-station, the Apollo command module, Lunar Lander, Lunar Rover Moon car, and the Apollo capsule depicted with its landing buoyancy aids deployed.  There is a Soyuz capsule, three rockets - a Soviet Vostok, Saturn V and a US Ares (not all to scale), six astronaut figurines (approx 3cm high) asteroids and space centre signs.

Set contains 28 pieces:
-Die-cast metal & plastic parts
-Hand Painted figures
-Free running wheels
-Authentic details

Comes in a presentation box measuring 3148x28.50x6cm

Suitable for ages 3 and up.

Product Code: 012SK082


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