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Astronaut outdoor playsuit


Product Information

Play'n'wear Outdoor Playsuits are ideal as every day play-suit as well as a costumes for dress-up and role-playing, made up of a pullover top and trousers printed in a space suit design.

The design is true to the one worn by the Apollo 11 space crew and combines education with fun in a very practical way - easy to put on as a pullover on a cold or rainy day.

Play’n’wear Outdoor is made in a double-faced fabric - cotton on the inside with a strong polyester surface - printed with highest quality of colours they are machine washable and extremely durable.

The Astronaut is designed for outdoor usage made with plenty of space for trousers and shirts underneath. It is also perfect for indoor use as it is made without any lining.

The space playsuits come in 3 sizes, 3-4 years, 5-6 years and 7-8 years.


  • Size 3-4 suitable for children 97-108cm tall
  • Size 5-6 suitable for children 109-121cm tall

  • Size 7-8 suitable for children 122-126cm tall



Product Code: SK014


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