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Green Science Green Rocket


Product Information

Catch a ride with the recycled rocket revolution with the Green Rocket kit! Make a rocket out of used plastic bottles and paper and launch it up to 25 metres into the sky.

The kit includes detailed instructions on how to build your rocket - plus a few fun facts thrown in for good measure. Experiment with different bottles to see if you can beat your own record, or challenge your mates to see who can make the mightiest missile.

Kit includes:

Launch Tube
Flexible Pipe
Stand Arm
Bottle Connector Halves
2 Pipe Clamp Halves
Double-Sided Tape
2 Rocket Body Sheets
2 Foam Rocket Heads
12 Fin Templates
Screws, Nuts, Bolts, and Washers

Also Required, but Not Included: Small Crosshead Screwdriver, Scissors, Tape, and 2 Empty Plastic Drink Bottles

Product Code: SK010


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